Can we get all the way real?

This whole “building the business of your dreams” thing is UGH-mazing, but also, kinda lonely. And sometimes, straight-up overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be anymore.

The Social Squad Society offers a safe space online for biz owners craving community, education, growth, and some damn fun!

You want access to...
> Supportive coworkers without the cubicle? We got you!
> Vetted resources and tools that *actually* work? We’ve got those too.
> Digital marketing help without spending $$$? Oh, girl. It and then some.

The Society can help you:
● Learn ALL the Stuff: Google who? Take the guesswork out of social media with value-packed, monthly masterclasses (expert teachers included), bonus trainings, and live Q&A sessions.
● Connect with Biz Besties: You’ll get exclusive access to our private Facebook page where you can build real relationships with a crew of like-minded members.
● Grow Your Marketing & Your Dollars: Figure out how to enhance your online presence and generate serious leads without spending all your time and money.
Ok, I want in!

Meet The Social Squad Society's Founders

We're Shannon & Emily

Real Talk: One of us is in a love affair with oat milk. The other? Absolutely obsessed with Everything But the Bagel seasoning. #crucialinformation

Realer Talk: We’re a couple of business owners who used to be exactly where you are right now!

When we started our business journeys solo, we both felt like something major was missing.

We didn’t know each other at the time, but our stories were playing out so similarly, it’s no wonder the universe ended up bringing us together. Both of us were stay-at-home-moms growing our businesses in social media between nap times, diaper changes, and episodes of The Bachelor.

And while we loved our clients and the work we were doing for them, doing it all alone felt...well, super lonely.

Through the power of a hashtag (can you even believe it?), we found each other and instantly bonded over our mutual love for BravoTV, Target, 90s hip hop, and a mission to empower small business owners just like you.

So, we started the Social Squad as a free Facebook group in late 2018 and brought other biz owners together while sharing our best social media tips and tricks.

Remember that missing piece we both had been searching for at the start? It turns out it was COMMUNITY!

Creating and working within a community changed everything - we became more motivated, better educated, and totally inspired in our businesses - and our Social Squad friends did too. The Society membership expands on our original Facebook group’s ideas and offers the solution to the very thing no one tells you when you start a biz by yourself --->

You don’t have to go it alone!

More Deets on Shannon and Emily:
● Between the two of us, we have 10+ years of social media marketing experience.
● We have served almost 200 clients, trained 25 teams, and taught 18 in-person social media classes/workshops.
● We organically grew a free Facebook group of over 1,000 people in just 10 months and began throwing in-person events for our community to get social off social.
You had me at the Bachelor!

What happens when I join The Society?

For the price of a gym membership, you’ll get monthly access to ALL of these tools to help you flex your biz muscle:

Killer Content Resources: Get ready for goodies galore! We’ll provide you with a monthly content planning kit, caption templates to help you rock your IG game, and hundreds of niche hashtags, updated monthly based around the industries of our members.

Live Trainings (with special guests): Each month includes 3 live training sessions
> 90-minute Masterclass with expert guests on everything from copywriting to financial planning to social strategy
> Q&A call to help you make sense of the stuff you’re currently struggling with alone
> Bonus training inspired by topics Society members want to learn ASAP

Co-working Hours: Imagine getting the value of a mastermind group without paying megabucks? There’s no pressure to chat if you just crave working with others, but these hours allow you to share wins/fails/ideas/feedback and anything else on your mind.

Your Own Personal Business Cheerleaders: We want you to feel a part of something special 🙌 You’ll receive support, encouragement, and accountability, not just from Shannon and Emily, but your fellow Society members too.

Real Life Events: Every year, we take the community offline and into the real world for a weekend’s worth of fun! You’ll get a chance to disconnect from your laptop and meet your biz besties in-person where, you can talk shop over cocktails and laugh your face off. **Spoiler Alert: We’re working behind the scenes on a real-world retreat - location/dates TBD!

All of the above comes included in your membership fee and all trainings and tools are available for replay at any time of day. (Did someone say masterclass and vino?)
Join the society!

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Society members say:

“I can't thank Social Squad Society enough for their amazing membership program! I have invested in other monthly programs that fall short but not this one. Emily and Shannon go above and beyond. I feel supported, valued and like they truly care about my success.”

“My gratitude. Thank you for your hearts and missions. Thank you for your friendships. Thank you for the valuable subject matter expertise you provide in this forum. Keep going.”

“I appreciate the hard work and level of detail you both put into each master class. You are truly invested in our success and that makes a huge difference in my book.”

Want to master your Instagram without a full membership?

Introducing "Not Your Basic Instagram Training": Instagram 101...But FUN!

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To set you up for success (and get your profile shining immediately), you'll also receive an 8-page workbook to help you create an Instagram marketing strategy tailored to your business.

In this course, we'll share the latest proven strategies and methods so you can easily:
- Optimize your bio
- Engage with and attract the right audience
- Feel confident knowing what to share to your Feed vs. Stories
- Effectively use hashtags
- Increase your reach through Geotags & Location
- Grow an organic community around your brand through best social media practices
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Still not sure?

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