Let's get all the way real.

Building a business is lonely. It’s straight up tough. And just when you feel like you have a strategy that works, it’s out of date.

This is why we created The Social Squad Society.

A safe online place for biz owners to...

● Learn: take the guesswork out of social media with monthly masterclasses, bonus trainings and live Q&As.
● Connect: receive exclusive access to our private Facebook page where you can build relationships with fellow members.
● Grow: enhance your online presence and generate leads all while saving you time and money.

But first, who the heck are we?

We are Shannon & Emily
Two stay at home mamas who built social media businesses between nap times and diaper changes. We connected through a hashtag on Instagram, created a Facebook group to help business owners make sense of social media, and the rest is history.

Between the two of us, we have 10+ years of social media marketing experience.

We have served almost 200 clients, trained 25 teams, and taught 18 in-person social media classes/workshops. We also organically grew a free Facebook group of over 1,000 people in just 10 months and began throwing in-person events for our community to get social off social.

Our passion for simplifying social media and using these platforms in a real, authentic way is strong.

And while it's tough to keep up with all the changes in this always evolving online world, we are here to take away the frustration and guesswork and make your social platforms on point.

We're also here to connect you with our supportive community of small business owners so you don't have to do this alone.

Because no matter what you do...no matter what you sell...you are welcome here.

So...how does it work?!

For the price of a gym membership, you'll have access to and receive these monthly tools to help you flex your biz muscle:

CONTENT RESOURCES: Monthly content planning kit, caption templates, and hundreds of niche hashtags updated monthly based on our members.

LIVE TRAININGS: Each month includes 3 live trainings - a 90 minute Masterclass with expert guests, Q&A, and bonus training

YOUR OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS CHEERLEADERS: Receive support, encouragement, and accountability from Shannon, Emily, and your fellow Society members!

And like Netflix, it’s a monthly subscription AND you can watch our trainings in the comfort of your own home.

So grab a glass of wine, log in to your Portal, and Society and chill 🤣

We cannot wait to welcome you!!
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What members are saying

“I can't thank Social Squad Society enough for their amazing membership program! I have invested in other monthly programs that fall short but not this one. Emily and Shannon go above and beyond. I feel supported, valued and like they truly care about my success.”

“My gratitude. Thank you for your hearts and missions. Thank you for your friendships. Thank you for the valuable subject matter expertise you provide in this forum. Keep going.”

“I appreciate the hard work and level of detail you both put into each master class. You are truly invested in our success and that makes a huge difference in my book.”

Need help with Instagram

but not ready to join the monthly membership?

Introducing "Not Your Basic Instagram Training": Instagram 101...But FUN!

A course designed for small businesses looking to simplify the 'Gram, grow their audience, and build a community around their brand. Whether you are struggling with getting started or just looking for a refresher, this 35 minute class is perfect for you! You'll also receive an 8 page workbook to help you create an Instagram marketing strategy and make your profile shine.

During this course we'll share the latest strategies and tips to help you:
- Optimize your bio
- Engage with and attract the right audience
- Have confidence knowing what to share to your Feed vs. Stories
- Effectively use hashtags
- Increase reach through Geotags & Location
- Grow a community around your brand through authentic social media practices

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